Whether you are up for business, pleasure, or both, you can almost not go wrong with the very versatile Echolac TURIN. 

We intentionally made Turin to do many things very well. Through the use of specially selected materials and components we’ve created a case that thrives in many situations while being very lightweight and easy to use. 

Despite its soft outer surface is some serious technology inside Turin. This case utilizes Echolac’s very lightweight, rigid and stable HardCore™ chassis construction. This helps keep Turin tracking like a laser even under heavier loads, and hold up to the toughest abuse that luggage so often can be subjected to. All while staying cool, calm, and collected quietly working away. 

We at Echolac have a true passion for textiles, and we’ve also carefully selected the outer material for Turin for its water resistance, its durability, and for its great look and feel. 

Other highlights from this range are the SizeUP™ expander system, and the unique SharedSpace™ flexible inner/outer pocket compartment (cabin size only). 


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