Classic Italian design, beautiful detailing, and material and components made to work in harmony and perform under harsh conditions is how we best can describe our Monza concept.

With the city of Monza just 15 kilometers from our European design headquarters, we are quite familiar with the area. Besides having its well-known and strong tradition in high performance motor sport, Monza also has a strong tradition within textiles. 

As much as we love luggage and high performance, we also love textiles. We wanted to make sure that Monza had some of the best of both of these worlds. 

On the outside is a rugged 1200D heat-treated, water resistant polyester. On the inside, Monza is equipped with our unique high performance HardCore™ chassis. The HardCore chassis is super lightweight, stable, and strong for ease of use, great tracking, and durability. The outer textile discretely looks and feels great, and is made to hold up for heavy use, and tough weather conditions. All of the other details and fittings are the icing on the cake that help make Monza outstanding.

Other highlights from this range are the SizeUP™ expander system, and the unique TwinShield™ super-smooth and tamper-resistant security zip. 

If you are one of us who from time to time work their luggage hard and put it away wet, Monza could be a perfect fit for you.


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