Digitally intelligent, real luggage at your service.

With EchoSmart™, Echolac set out to create a smart luggage concept that finally combined great, beautiful luggage with a system that is truly useful for the traveller, approachable, easy to use and maintain, consistently stable, and perhaps most importantly, airline approved. The Bluetooth technology that connects the system is highlighted by the clear blue detailing found throughout the product.

The Echolac EchoSmart Luggage quite simply combines the very best of authentic luggage design and manufacturing together with digital technology and engineering into a seamless system that makes travelling more fun, easier, more convenient, and more secure. Finally, a luggage that makes digitally integrated traveller better for most any and every user has arrived!

The Echolac Smart Luggage app facilitates control of interactive luggage functions through any Apple or Android device. The system is simply and elegantly powered by 2x AAA batteries that are approved for check-in (No Lithium-Ion batteries!)


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