PERFECT PACKING IS WITHIN REACH. THE SECRET OF BOTH SAVING AND CREATING SPACE… what CELESTRA™ is all about. Yes, there is a better way to pack. CELESTRA helps with that in three simple but fantastic ways. The most obvious is perhaps the opening on the front. We call it DropTop™. This fundamentally unique shell design is optimised for convenient and compact orientation making it easier to pack and organize in hotel rooms and other limited spaces (like perhaps your bedroom floor!). Besides that, the DropTop opening is the doorway to our wonderful SuperStack™ interior...

What’s SuperStack? Well, the SuperStack interior construction is a space-saving, specially made-for-stacking construction, including a compartmental divider that easily folds out of the way if you prefer one wide-open space. This system makes it easy to pack, stack and organize your belongings, and also easier to share the space inside your luggage if that’s what you’d like to do. There are even additional pockets and compartments in the base and lid for added organizational possibilities.

Unlike standard cases, there is no opening in the middle. Instead, we’ve hidden that third fantastic little feature there. Perfect for when you you’ve done some shopping and need some extra space, that third thing is the awesome expander system that we call SizeUp™. 

Beyond that, we’ve equipped CELESTRA with our top level in shell materials and components as well as some other great features like our TwinShield™ security zip.  

Is CELESTRA for travel pros, adventure seeking individuals or families? Yes, it is. Any and all of the above.


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