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Innovation is something that never should stop. Except for this time.

ELISE™ by Echolac® is inspired by the lines and feel of classic luggage, but with the precision, performance and modern function we expect from Echolac elegantly integrated throughout.

The highlight of this modern function and innovation is our Echolac SureStop™ fully integrated braking system by Hinomoto®. This system allows you to effectively lock the two rear wheels of the case in order to keep it firmly in place. This is great for situations on trains, trams, busses and more when you want to keep your luggage put without necessarily needing to hold onto it constantly. Precision made by Japanese component maker Hinomoto, this system has been fully integrated into ELISE by us for a super-clean fit, and stability to last years and years.

ELISE™ is also very lightweight and strong thanks to some of the very best in space-age materials such as polycarbonate and high-grade aluminum.

No less attention has been paid to other aspects of ELISE. The design of the shell is with intent volume maximising. The wheels on ELISE are also made by premium Japanese component brand, Hinomoto, assuring easy, smooth, and almost silent movement of the case. The carefully selected textiles, and intelligently laid out interior that intuitively helps with packing and organization aim to help the traveller feel at home wherever she or he may be.

Echolac is a brand that believes that everything matters. We hope that you can feel that in every detail of ELISE. For us, innovation really is something that never should stop.


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Elise Key Features & benefits:

  • EchoLite™ polycarbonate shell with Bayer® raw materials and 100% polycarbonate for ultimate durability and impact resistance.
  • StealthShield™ surface structure. This surface combines the discreet beauty and feel of velvet with excellent scratch and scuff resistance through precision designed and manufactured surface structure.

  • TwinShield™ super-smooth and tamper-resistant security zip.

  • Echolac SureStop™ fully integrated braking system by Hinomoto®

  • Echolac Select ErgoStop™ four-step pulling system and handle for easy ergonomically adapted height adjustment.

  • DoubleDownClip™ lining construction with packing straps in both lid and base, fully integrated zipped mesh pocketed divider in the lid, and removable (fix-lock fastener) divider in the base.

  • Echolac GelLITE™ soft and ergonomical carrying handles.


ECHOLAC SUPER8 Warranty copy-01.jpg

the Echolac® Super8™ WarrantY:

We made this Echolac case to last, and also to withstand most any beating that travel in this world can dish out. We do our utmost to make every product with exceptional precision and excellence in every detail, and as a whole, as our part in helping you to get the utmost out of your travels. That’s why we needed an exceptional warranty package for you as well. 

Our exclusive Echolac Super8 warranty gets us there and provides you with solid, unwavering warranty protection. At the core of Super8 is coverage for any and all shell breakage during the first eight years of ownership regardless of cause. Remarkably, this warranty even covers damage caused by third-party handling. We know that our cases are truly hardcore in their nature and very, very tough. 

In addition, this warranty provides 3-year coverage against defects in materials and workmanship in respect to all components and details apart from the shell. The warranty does not cover wear and tear on the case or its components and parts, cosmetic damage, the loss of, or damage to any contents of the case, or the loss of, or damage to personal effects. 

Proof of purchase is required in conjunction with all warranty claims. We reserve the right to solely judge claims presented to us. We reserve the right to repair, replace or refund for any claim after our approval and based on our sole judgment. We reserve the right to replace any product with a product of equal value in available colors in the event that your original product or color is no longer available. We will follow the advice of any nationally recognized consumer advocacy organization where disagreement on claim resolution may arise.

We believe in fewer worries and more travel. Welcome to a warranty that means something. THE Echolac® Super8™ WarrantY.